July 12th, 2014 Youth Radio Show Archive

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On this edition of Sankofa Saturdays Youth Radio Show…

Topics Outlined:
Historical/Cultural Calendar: (1963) Wayne “Facts Man” Adams
Youth for Human Rights: Article #12 THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY
The Virtues Project Pick of the Week (July 13 – July 19, 2014): FLEXIBILITY
Folktale: “Compere Zayeh and Compere Donkey”

Majestik & Nykel reading the folklore
We shared music from A.R. and Gangenero, Bambu Station, Reginald Cyntje and more. We always play our theme song, ‘We are the Children of the Future,” by local musicians A.R. and Ganjanero along with songs from Bambu Station and Niyorah.

We shared our VI Historical/Cultural Calendar’s On this Day in VI History about July 12, 1963: Historian Wayne “Facts Man” Adams was born on St. Thomas. We explained our perspectives of Human Rights Article #12 The Right to Privacy from the International Declaration of Human Rights (www.youthforhumanrights.org). After listening to more music by local artists including jazz from Reginald Cyntje’s albums; LOVE, Freedom’s Children: The Celebration and Elements of Life, we did our Virtues Project Pick of the Week: FLEXIBILITY (July 13 – July 19, 2014) – I am thankful for the gift of Flexibility. It keeps my spirit supple. We also shared the folktale, “Compere Zayeh and Compere Donkey.”

Coming Up Next Week we’ll share a VI Historical/Cultural Calendar’s On this Day in VI History about July 19, 2007: when our 27th Legislature unanimously passed Bill No. 27-0047 to regulate the contents of vending machines on public school campuses, Human Right #19. Freedom of Expression and Virtues Project Pick of the Week: ORDERLINESS (July 20 – July 26, 2014) – I am thankful for the gift of Orderliness. It brings harmony to my life. We will also share the folktale, “The Slaves and the Water Hole.”

A United Virgin Islands Cultural Education Initiative for the youth, by the youth and about youth with related topics (often brought to us by the Department of Education’s Division of Cultural Education).

This week’s audio archive/SoundCloud links: https://soundcloud.com/sankofasaturdays/july-12-youth-radio-show

This week’s written archive/Facebook note: https://www.facebook.com/notes/sankofa-saturdays/sankofa-saturdays-youth-radio-program-for-july-12-2014-show-archive/821593917885995

On behalf of the Sankofa Saturdays youth, I thank you for your continued support,
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Passing on the torch of culture bearing and preserving (traditions and values) through experiences in the arts, cultural education, and community service.
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